How Does It Work?

Get Your Jingle in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Understand Your Brand/Business

A team member will speak to you about your brand, learn your image, and get to know who your customers are. Then we will begin the writing process for the music and lyrics. 

Step 2

Receive Your Demo

We will record a rough draft with the melody and limited instruments for your approval. In this step, you can determine the direction and give feedback on the jingle before we get back to the studio. This helps to ensure the final product is something you’re going to love.

Step 3

Final Production

We have finalized your jingle, and now it’s primed for your audience’s ears. Our team has meticulously mixed and mastered the sounds to create a clear and vibrant track that will grab your customers attention. 

We guarantee that your jingle will be delivered in a timely manner so that the whole world can hear your song!

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