No Matter What You Do, There's A Jingle For You

Are you a business owner, brand, podcaster, YouTuber, or just a classy individual who likes to wake up to their own theme song? Jingle Chain’s got you covered!

Where The Music Meets The Marketing

Jingle Chain brings a modern sound to a classic advertising technique… the jingle! Toss that traditional corny approach out the window and hit up Jingle Chain today. We will create your business an unforgettable brand anthem that will keep people talking (and buying) for years to come.

Jazz Up Your Brand

Create a signature sound that stands out from the competition

Transform Your Content

Get that catchy melody for your project today

Zero Licensing Fees

Catchy and Memorable Melodies

Improved Brand Awareness

Gain Customers, Enhance Sales and Maximize ROIs

A Team of Trained Professionals

No Restrictions
(any genre)

No Matter What You Do, There's A Jingle For You

Cause A Chain Reaction!

Specializing in modern pop, hip hop, rock, country, R&B and yes, even traditional. We can accommodate to any style or genre, so the sky is the limit.


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